Considering the country's basic needs for quality goods for carton making and its corporate mission to organize the production and provision of real after-sales services, this group produces all its power and energy on the basis of quality machinery production And focused on providing real-time after-sales services. The breadth of the market and the presence of powerful competitors, together with the importance of packaging products to create and increase market share, .highlight the need for high quality and high quality machines in the carton industry

Accordingly, the approach of the Mardas industrial and production group is to take advantage of the best Iranian designers, engineers and technicians and to use the best Iranian and foreign quality components and supplies to produce a quality product that is in the name of Iran. Timely delivery of machinery to buyers and delivery of real-time after-sales service is another benefit of the Mastase industrial group to respect your choices. We hope that the empathy and the combination of two well-known brands of VIP and modern machine-tools are in the industrial group Mardas and To provide Iranian quality products, we can answer the expectations of the respectable producers of the country and return the lost trust to the country's machine industry.